T-shirt design ideas that won’t degrade

If you’re stuck for t-shirt niche ideas and fashions, an excellent start is always to have a look at what else is popular and currently selling well.

A third choice is often utilized in transfer printing: Pantone colors are made with 13 base pigments and assigned a number for each and every hue, therefore you want to know the Pantone number of every one of the colors with your design. Don’t worry, there are several Pantone colors; it’s simply a different way of describing these to some of the applications used in garment printing. If you have questions, call us. Our customer service reps can help.

As demand rises, interested entrepreneurs are considering venturing in the t-shirt printing business. It’s important to note that t-shirt businesses don’t do t-shirts only. They are also brand custom hoodies along with other number of brand items.

Screening Printing Process goes like this – A screen created from a finely woven fabric called mesh is stretched more than a wooden or aluminum frame. This Mesh Screen is pressed against cloth to place paint onto t-shirts one color per screen.

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Everything You Need to Know

First, you will need an image (our graphic designers will help in case you don’t have one yet). The image must be changed to an electronic format for garment printing. The best format, certainly, is really a vector drawing, which maintains crisp edges and fine detail regardless of what size it can be. The alternative to your vector drawing is really a raster drawing, which uses pixels (much like the dots in the newspaper photo) to provide the illusion of a graphic. Pixels are tiny, square dots that can make image edges look rough when they’re resized to your larger format.

However, the task may be daunting. Here, I’ll walk through my best methods for designing custom t shirts graphics and printing your personal T-shirts.


Entertainment companies from Walt Disney Co to Dr. Seuss are increasingly turning to Amazon.com Inc’s t-shirt printing service to aid it make it happen. The trend is up-ending the traditional licensing model where brands dealt with apparel wholesalers to create garments and have them into stores.